Creating LUX files

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Our uses .jpg images to create .lux files used in the LED Saber. Here is the process of creating a .jpg file:

  • Create a blank image in an image-processing software, such as Paint of Photoshop.
  • The size of the image will determine two things. The horizontal length represents the length of the LED strip inside the LED Saber. Currently, we use 100-LED strips. The vertical height of the image represents the duration of the LUX file. Each vertical pixel is 25 milliseconds, so a 100x40 image will send information to 100 LEDs for 1 second.
  • Black pixels are considered OFF LEDs.
  • The Calimotion will read .lux files from left to right, up to down, so the first pixel on the left is the first LED near the handle, and the last pixel line is played last.