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This command forces the firmware to update. It’s part of the OTA (over the air) update of the firmware. You need to upload the firmware.bin file prior to force that command.

You can download the latest version of the firmware: Calimotion_firmware_1_7621.bin

Video on how to update the firmware: Update Firmware


firmware [parameters]


-update Executes the update of the firmware using the file firmware.bin currently stored on the SD card.


Update Firmware Command

Prior to executing this command, you need to put a file named firmware.bin on the SD card.

firmware -update Software never has bugs; It just develops random features. Update in progress... Time: 0001sec: PID 4, SrcID 2, Calimotion OS: 1.709 Time: 0001sec: PID B, SrcID 0, Use Calimotion setup.bin Time: 0013sec: PID C, SrcID 0, Mode 2 Time: 0013sec: PID D, SrcID 0, Lux ID: 1 Time: 0013sec: PID 11, SrcID 8, self_Init_MPU() Time: 0013sec: PID 12, SrcID 8, MPU: Presence check - OK. Time: 0013sec: PID 13, SrcID 9, Call Self_Init_BLE Time: 0013sec: PID 14, SrcID 9, BLE Initialization Start Time: 0013sec: PID 15, SrcID 9, BLE Init: HAL_UART_Receive_IT -DONE Time: 0013sec: PID 16, SrcID 9, BLE Init: Ble_Task_StackInit -DONE Time: 0013sec: PID 1E, SrcID 8, MPU: Configuration - OK. Time: 0013sec: PID 1F, SrcID 8, MPU_Task: Load peak detector - OK. Time: 0013sec: PID 20, SrcID 8, MPU_Task: Load linear model - OK. Time: 0013sec: PID 21, SrcID 8, MPU_Task: Load mappings from file - OK. Time: 0013sec: PID 90, SrcID 9, BLE Init: at_ble_init -DONE Time: 0013sec: PID 91, SrcID 9, BLE Init: at_ble_tx_power_set -DONE Time: 0013sec: PID 92, SrcID 9, BLE Initialisation COMPLETED