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This sets the LED task operation mode. It tells the [Calimotion] how to operate the LED for different actions like "open", "close" etc. If the board is set to operate in the LUX mode, lux file will be loaded based on a reference ID code. Otherwise, the rgb will use the color set by the RGB command. After the command, a sound is heard and the configuration is stored on the SD card. This setup will remain even if the Calimotion is rebooted.

To operate the LUX mode, the file should have a unique ID following this naming convention:

  • ID_open.lux
  • ID_close.lux
  • ID_hum.lux
  • ID_hit.lux


mode usage: -d (Default) -rgb (Set unique RGB color mode) -lux [Lux_ID] (Set Lux ID)


-d This will set the default operation mode where everytime the Calimotion is opened/closed using the button, a new color is set.
-rgb This sets the Calimotion into a RGB mode where colors can be set manually.
-lux [lux_ID] Sets a specific ID using the [lux_ID] to load a set of lux files instead of a unique color.


Set .lux File Mode ID 4

This operation will configure the Calimotion to use the files 4_open.lux, 4_close.lux, 4_hum.lux and 4_hit.lux to operate the LED.

mode -lux 4 Set LUX pattern mode