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Calimacil Foam LED Saber

This wiki is dedicated to all the feature related to the calimotion.

You can get acces to more details about the development phase with to the Calimotion Beta Testing group.

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The Calimotion is the module driving the Calimacil Foam LED Saber. This wiki describes all the features available for this module. This document is for advanced users who want to customize some elements of their Calimacil Foam LED Saber.

Calimotion core.png

Calimotion USB Virtual Terminal


This document describes the commands used to communicate with the Calimotion board by the USB virtual COM port. To activate the USB virtual COM port, you simply need to connect a USB cable between the desktop computer (MAC/PC/Linux) and your Calimacil Foam LED Saber. Windows 10 and MacOS will automatically recognize the port and configure it.

To operate some commands, you need to use a serial terminal software like Tera Term (MS-Windows) or Serial (MSWindows/MacOS).


The intention is to use the USB serial terminal with the Calimotion to apply updates and set different configurations and various commands to control the board.

Commands list

Here is the list of commands available for the Calimotion USB terminal:

Calimotion Mobile App

The Calimotion Mobile App is a mobile app using Bluetooth to communicate with the Calimotion Board.

Calimacil mobile app demo.png

Calimotion LED (.lux) Editor

The Calimotion uses .LUX files to change the LED effects on a time-based pattern. Various files exist, like open.lux, hum.lux, close.lux etc. There is a converter tool to create .lux files from .jpg files. For all details, see the creating LUX files page.

Calimotion Learning Machine

The Calimotion uses a learning machine to operate the A.I. for hit detection. The file hit.mod is required by the Calimotion A.I. and is created by using the command MPU for learning and the app CaliTrain to generate it.


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  2. How to create lux files for the Calimotion?
  3. How to change my blades: Calimacil LED Saber Blade change


If you have questions about bugs or other suggestions, you can use the group:

Calimotion Groups

LED Saber Menu

Our Foam LED Saber uses a simple menu to directly change between colors and LUX files. For all details, see our Menu page.

LED Saber button color

Here are the five states of the button:

  1. No light: OFF or working normally
  2. Red: Low battery
  3. Green flashing: Currently recharging
  4. Blue: Connected as a Bluetooth device
  5. Red Flashing: General error, reboot required

NOTE: A mix of red and green flashing can indicate that the Saber is charging, but is still low battery.