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Here are the steps to open the menu with the power button:

  1. Press the button for 2 sec and release it,
  2. A Menu sound will be heard,
  3. Press the button to change the color cycle,
  4. The color change sound will be heard every time,
  5. Hold the button for 2 sec to save the color or pattern,
  6. Alternatively, you can hit twice the saber to exit the menu without saving the color.

Overall: Press the power button about 2 seconds until the LED Saber opens with a particular sound. The humming sound will not be played. Once you’re in the menu, every time you press on the power button, the color of the LED Saber will change between all available colors and LUX files. Note that for now sound and color are not associated i.e if you want to change the sound you have to upload new .wav files.

The default colors are:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • White
  • Orange

The LUX files available will depend on the files present on the SD card.

To save the color or LUX file, press the power button about 2 seconds until you hear the saving noise, followed by the opening sound of the LED Saber.

To quit the menu without saving, simply hit the LED Saber. You will be brought back to the normal behaviour of the LED Saber, using the last saved color or LUX file.