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This command prepares the Calimotion board to receive a file_name using XModem protocol. You will need Tera Terms (MS-Windows) or [CoolTerm] (MSWindows/MacOS) to be able to send the file in Xmodem after you enter the command put file_name. Important, the X-Modem create a padding for file with no modulo 128. The put command will delete the padding. To avoid the file end with a 0x1A to be deleted, you need to use the -s parameters to avoid deleting good values.

Note: The X-Modem protocol use by the Calimotion is the 128 bytes CRC.


USAGE: PUT usage: put [-s File_size] FileName


-s [FileSize] Identify the file size to save. If this parameters is not defined, the file will be automatically padded with 0x1A value to get a module 128 from X-Modem Protocol and then deleted by the put command.
FileName File name to save on the Calimotion SD Card


Put file name big1.dat

put -s 1028 big.dat Send the file big3.dat CXModem transfer OK.

Put the file name big2.dat with the exact file size

put -s 1028 big2.dat Send the file big2.dat CXModem transfer OK.